Wild! Colours

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Originální naučné leporelo v angličtině, ve kterém jsou jednotlivé barvy představeny pomocí zvířat z oceánu.

First concepts can be wild, especially when animals are involved! Young children acquire and retain information more effectively when they are entertained and engaged. Vibrant, dynamic and funny, this is the perfect introduction to colours for very young readers.

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Courtney Dicmas introduces babies to basic concepts with her award-winning charm and humour.

In Opposites, interactions between animals with drastically different characteristics provides plenty of opportunities to discuss and make comparisons. Colours takes an original approach to the topic by representing popular colours through ocean creatures. Shapes cleverly demonstrates the way that different shapes appear in nature, through the outlines of animals, or through the negative space between them and their family members. How many birds can roost on a wire? Find out in the final book in the series: Numbers!

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Kategorie: Cizojazyčné knihy (3-6)
Autor: Courtney Dicmas
Nakladatel: Child's Play International
EAN: 9781846439957
Rok vydání: 2018
Podrobnosti: leporelo, 200×200 mm, 14 stran
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